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Avon soccer player Robby Brisco is battling a rare form of cancer


By Jeff Saperstone, NBC News

Published Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012

Robby Brisco is at home on the soccer field. He's played the sport for almost his entire life. During his junior year at Avon, he was sidelined after discovering a pain in his left knee.

"They thought it was just a tear in one of my ligaments," Brisco said.

But it wasn't. It was cancer, a rare form of it. Brisco has been in treatment for months. During that time his leg had to be reconstructed.

"I'm still undergoing physical therapy and trying to get stronger," Brisco said.

Avon Soccer Star Battles Cancer With Support Of Community

On Wednesday night during the Avon-Suffield soccer match, the community came together to support Robby. Money raised will go towards the cancer unit at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

"It's a quantifiable way for the community to express all the love and support they've shown us these last eight months," Liz Brisco, Robby's mother, said.

Brisco makes it a point to be at every game. He cheers on his team from the sideline.

"He is amazing," his mother said. "He can't be on the field but he can certainly try and help and inspire kids."

Teammates believe he his a positive force.

"We probably need him more than he actually needs us," Jackson Davey, Brisco's friend, said.

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