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Robby Brisco, co-captain of Avon soccer team in 2012, passes away

by Gerry deSimas Jr., Collinsville Press

September 8, 2015​

It was a gorgeous Labor Day weekend. The sun was shining, the air was warm and the humidity was on vacation. Still, it was a difficult weekend for many people in Avon with the death of Robby Brisco on Saturday.

Robby was just 19 years old and had been battling cancer the past few years. While it dominated the final years of his life, it didn’t stop this young man from enjoying his final years of high school and the first years of adulthood.

I got the chance to meet Robby for a brief time three years ago in 2012 during his senior year at Avon High. He was the co-captain of the high school soccer team. He had worked hard throughout the years to prepare himself to play on the varsity team but when the time came, he had to step aside to focus on his battle with cancer.

Robby didn’t score any goals that season but he was still a leader – an example to every player on that team and in the Avon High program of dedication and perseverance. That Falcons team went to the Class L championship game where they lost to Farmington. A few weeks after the soccer season ended, Robby joined the Avon High swim team, for the first time. Barred from soccer by his doctors because it is a contact sport, swimming was a sport he could participate in. 

He did his best – every day – and that is all we can ask of anyone.

Condolences to his family and friends. 

Robby Brisco  October 2012

Robby plays around with a teammate before a game at Fisher Meadows in October 2012

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