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Matching Gifts

Many employers have a matching gift program to double or even triple your charitable gifts. You will need to search for qualifying tax-exempt charitable organizations that your employer has in its database before you apply for a matching gift, so you should use the following in your search. 

Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation

282 Washington Street

Hartford, CT 06106-3322

U.S. Tax ID/EIN: 222619869



If your employer can not do this or if you are not sure if they did, please email us with the details here, so that we can track down the matching gift to have it allocated to The RBO - otherwise that gift will go into Connecticut Children's general fund which is still a good thing, but the money won't be allocated to the RBO and used for cancer clinical trials

To make your donation to The RBO, click here. Supporting documentation will be sent to you for submission to your employer.

Thank you! 

Very important!

It is important that your employer indicate that the match is intended for The Robby Brisco Open.

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